Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching offers confidential one-to-one support for individuals working through conflict in their lives.

Although we may focus on a specific conflict in your life, our aim is to transforming your broader relationship with conflict.  We will strengthen your conflict resolution skills, confidence, and resilience.

Appropriate for all, but those involved in the challenging and demanding conflict transformation work of activism and effecting social change are especially welcome.

Together, we will:

  • learn about your motivations and set goals
  • understand your personal conflict resolution style and their strengths and weaknesses
  • explore the current conflict in your life using various tools and exercises including actor analysis, conflict mapping, journaling, and role playing
  • suggest effective strategies towards resolving issues and meeting your needs
  • practice a broad range of communication, negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • develop awareness of your triggers and their roots
  • identify your resources and strengthen your resilience through supportive practices

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Professional  Coaching

Whether you are struggling to reach specific performance goals, wanting to improve your leadership skills, or making a career transition, coaching provides holistic support around your specific needs, expectations and goals.

Professional coaching can include a broad range of topics and strategies including:

  • collaborative and co-creative techniques and strategies
  • meeting design and facilitation
  • professional and leadership development for career advancement
  • communication skills (interpersonal, written, public speaking and presentation, interviewing)
  • time management and organisation skills
  • supervision strategies
  • project development and management
  • conflict resolution skills