Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching offers confidential one-to-one support for individuals working through conflict in their lives.

Although we may focus on a specific conflict in your life, our aim is to transform your broader relationship with conflict.  We will strengthen your conflict resolution skills, confidence, and resilience.

Appropriate for all, but those involved in the challenging and demanding conflict transformation work of activism and effecting social change are especially welcome.

Together, we will:

  • learn about your motivations and set goals
  • understand your personal conflict resolution style and its strengths and weaknesses
  • explore the current conflict in your life using various tools and exercises including actor analysis, conflict mapping, journaling, and role playing
  • suggest effective strategies towards resolving issues and meeting your needs
  • practice a broad range of communication, negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • develop awareness of your triggers and their roots
  • identify your resources and strengthen your resilience through supportive practices

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Conflict coaching can support you to …

Cultivate deeper personal and cultural resources for transforming conflict

Our broader cultural and social fabric turns up a barren landscape when it comes to equipping us for engaging conflict effectively.   We’re faced with dominant cultural narratives deeply rooted in the use of humiliating tropes such as the ‘fragile liberal snowflake’ to the ‘unreasonable and angry activist’.

Conflict coaching helps you cut through noise and distortion.  Together, we’ll creating a quiet and more still space to support your deeper awareness, thinking, listening and insight.  We’ll work with your personal story and wider cultural resources to lay forth a roadmap to move through the conflict in a way which feels right for you.

Understand and analyse conflict dynamics

Emerging conflicts usher in great uncertainties.  We enter into a space of negotiating and redefining our relationships, roles and identities with others, and the stakes can often be quite high.

Conflict coaching is an empowerment process that helps prepare you to enter into negotiation to generate the most fair and equitable outcomes for everyone.  Before you even approach others in the conflict, we’ll work to map out the relationships, systems, values, needs and risks to help you make informed decisions.

Articulate your goals and design a strategy

In the turbulence of conflict when emotions run high, our words can fail us. This is often because we haven’t put in the preparation and personal work to enable effective resolution.

Conflict coaching supports you through a process of articulating your values, interests and needs.  You’ll learn how to facilitate and enable others to do the same.  After sharing perspectives on what brought everyone to this point, we can begin the creative work of identifying possible futures by engaging our commonalities and divergences.

Develop a personal reflective practice

Personal reflective practices enhance our learning and help us anticipate and keep up with the unexpected.  Through developing practices that strengthen our observations and insights, we can create a spaciousness to move from instinctive reaction to mindful and empowered response.

Working with your preferred learning styles, we’ll support you to develop and adopting consistent and clarifying personal reflective practices that will continue to resource you as you grow.

Engage in peacebuilding

Building peace requires our collective investigation into the patterns of direct, systemic and cultural violence in the world.  By working through conflicts together, we can create stronger systems of support, name and confront inequalities, and affirm new cultural norms.

Conflict coaching is part of a wider peacebuilding project of orienting individuals and communities towards empowered and participatory decision making.  Let’s explore what making peace will look like for you.

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